One Woman Mastermind: Yaarrohs Does Drake

One Woman Mastermind: Yaarrohs Does Drake

Producer, singer, and natural imagination whisperer Yaarrohs just slipped us this amazing cover of Drake’s “Furthest Thing.” Trust- this is a clutch new addition to any playlists you got going right now. Coming strong off the heels of her Flesh & Blood EP release and a Glitch Mob collab, Yaarrohs brings us this dreamy rendition of Drizzy aka tha boy aka NAFTA’s favorite rapper/actor/(Toronto) raptor’s sensi-thug prose. We chatted with Yaarroh about her self-taught mindset and ambition to create honest space for women to shine~


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Y: My name is Yaarrohs, I sing, write electronic music and fuck with the beats. I also love cats, rice, fashion, and my mom. Not in that order.


B: Is creating music something you were always drawn to?
Y: Im Korean, I grew up with a karaoke machine in my house ever since I was old enough to walk.  And walk I did, with the mic strapped firmly to my hand as if it were a third limb. I only started to make music with my computer a few years ago. I think it really came down to me just wanting to feel empowered and independent. I had worked with producers before and always felt compromised in the end. Like I wasnt being true to myself. Like I was trying to fit into someones music, almost like trying to play a part in someone else’s dream. I struggled.
I come from a very strong electronic music community, and although I  absolutely love the culture, I felt like there wasn’t enough diversity for me. I wanted to see more women on stage, like Ana Sia.. she’s always been a huge inspiration to me.
It was definitely a CHOICE to learn how to produce my own music. I wanted to do it not only because I love music and its awesome and fun and all that stuff. I chose to do it because I KNOW that this is the time for women to shine, to stop pretending like we’re less than we are. I choose to be a part of that revolution. I choose to be a reflection for other girls out there that want to make beats and sing their hearts out!


B: As a female in the game, have you faced any gender struggles and how do you deal?
Y: The most frustrating thing for me is to be asked who makes my music for me. It gets under my skin, and my scorpio mind goes off like a hot nerve. I know that people don’t say this to offend me, I understand that “statistically” this is a normal question to be asked. I think i just feel disgusted with the state of the world in which the normal thing can be so undermining and casual. I can make a baby in my womb but i probably cant manage learning how to use a compressor right? #sorrynotsorry


B: You got a whole bank of remixes but cashed out on this Drake goodgood- how?
Y: I’m just obsessed. He’s my favorite. It was no more my choice to finish this song than it is for water to hydrate our bodies. Its just nature man, I dont know.


B: When you’re singing this song, is there any personal truth for you in it’s message?
Y: Yes. Bottom line is that I’m not everyone I know.. and thats both beautiful and comforting to me.


Yaarrohs, Browntourage


B: If music is a tool of discovery, what would you say are the parts of the universe you want to explore?
Y: Music is magic. Its time travel, its fantasy, its creation and expression of the unknown. I feel like I want to discover myself through music, its a way to connect with people. It’s a way I can discover the world! There are people in Russia, Paris, and Cambodia who listen to my music! That trips me out!! A part of me gets to travel around the world, meeting strangers and being a part of their lives! It’s just crazy…


B: Where do you draw inspiration from?
Y: Im inspired by so much its hard to name them all.. Nature is a big one. The greatest artist alive.
Have you ever seen anything as beautiful as a flower? Or a woman? Or a sunset? Experienced anything as magical as love? The vastness of the ocean? As mysterious as the moon? Inspiration for dayssss


B: You released an EP in November, any plans for new projects or a tour?
Y: Yes, I released my first EP in november and I’m in the process of booking my first tour. It’s going to be awesome and terrifying because it’ll be my first time touring my own music but I think thats what makes it equally as exciting. I’m also working on my album which I hope to complete by this summer.
Yaarrohs has some pretty big stuff lined up, so keep tabs with her here @yaarrohs