Jersey Club  Middle East: DJ HARAM's Identity Crisis mix

Jersey Club Middle East: DJ HARAM’s Identity Crisis mix

photo credit: Eva Wǒ

BORNTORAGE Vol 4 is here, and DJ Haram (Zubeyda Muzeyyen) is coming with a concept. Bringin’ her Identity Crisis mix to our series, the journey involves experimentation with mixing Jersey Club and Middle Eastern instrumentals in a non-abrasive way that will have you ready to work it out. Vocal samples remind us not to assimilate and, a la Mary J, we’ll be “just fine.”

Zubeyda grew up in a diverse part of North Jersey where she’d drive around with her Dad, ogling at his rare Middle Eastern cassette collection.  Now this self-jokingly-proclaimed “post art post activist” represents the Browntourage ideal of young adults actively engaging struggles of alienation and knowing how to have a ball at the same time. Such intention is exemplified by parties she throws, such as (f)LAWLESS, a benefit party for bail and legal fees associated with social justice. The Facebook description reads “dress to impress, know how to act.” In fact, Zubeyda is responsible for one of our favorite guides of all time for how-not-to-be-sus-in-your-scene titled BROS FALL BACK (for reals, its free!). As far as the Identity Crisis mix goes, we asked DJ Haram to expand on her geomotional relationships and musical tendencies to help diagnose the >i>d>e>n>t<i<t<y< >c>r>i<s<i<s<

Relationship status with NJ/Philly: 
ZM: Its Complicated. I’m a 1st generation kid from a Middle Eastern diaspora community that’s in Paterson, NJ alongside many others who came for the industrialized economy. I really like the area because it’s so dense with folks who are not down to let go of their culture just because they live in the US. People are proud of their non-Westerness.

ZM: People in Philly keep it real in a way that’s very sharp but isn’t about a superiority complex (it may be about care?). Graffiti popped off here. It’s pretty segregated. There’s muslims, immigrants, poc who are situated in a history of Philly’s radical Black struggle and other working class movements, but there are also lots of unrelated people who love to fetishize that history… I try to learn about what’s up in Philly because I’m not from-from here and being complicit in awful economic patterns is real life. There’s a big queer scene in West Philly (which many people stupidly call a “Queer Mecca”).

Fav Chillin Music:
ZM: Footwork. The scene looks and sounds like a fuck you to the predictable places that a lot of European and White American producers went to with Chicago’s music. Oh and SZA. I heard she’s muslim so that means we can get married.

Fav Turnup Music:
ZM: Jersey Club is fun to dance to and to mix. It doesn’t take itself super seriously, there are so many tracks based off vines that went viral and children’s show theme song..

There you have it! Enjoy the mix by DJ Haram and peep her upcoming tour dates taking places in the dopest minded spaces of queer brown future (butdontforgettoshoutoutyoruancestors) (butalsoeastcoastclub).


FEB 7th – BROOKLYN – Queer Global Bass Jawn w/ Precolumbian (PHL) @ JUNE [259 St. Nicholas Ave.]
FEB 12th – PHILADELPHIA – Sissy Hop: Time Travels 2 The 90’s! w/ Nolita Selector (PHL) @ THE DOLPHIN [1539 S. Broad St.]
FEB 27th – PROVIDENCE – Pisces Crisis Birthday Bash! w/ Precolumbian, Malportado Kids (PVD) @ Spark City,
FEB 28th – BOSTON – Pink Noise w/ Precolumbian, DJ Dayglow, Magzilla, Sax @ the Milky Way [284 Amory St.]
MAR 7th – BALTIMORE – Kahlon w/ Precolumbian curated by Abdu Ali @ The Crown [1910 N Charles St. 2nd Fl.]


Learn more about Zubeyda here in this fvckthemedia interview.

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Photo Credit: Eva Wǒ