Browntourage x Interrupt Mag: Fashion Issue with Lorde Inc.

Browntourage x Interrupt Mag: Fashion Issue with Lorde Inc.

September is the month when New York Fashion Week takes place and Vogue magazine publishes its biggest, most important issue of the year. With all eyes trend-hunting, what better time to get together with Lorde Inc. modeling agency and conceive of an alternative fashion issue for Interrupt mag that would represent our ideals of diverse, conscious, future aesthetics? Together, we put out some breathtaking spreads, profiled young underground crews, and really got to thinking about technological identity, grassroots community, and cultural style. Take a look at our features:


Interrupt Magazine Fashion Issue

Letter from the Editor & Video

We couldn’t embark without a proper introduction. Talking about our goals while wearing some of our fav pieces, this video connected us with supporters to dish out some incredible crowdtilt perks including custom shoes from MoJuicy, Miss 163, Small Snack, Hannah Assebe, and Leigh Gallagher- shouts out!

Appreciation v Appropriation

Appropriation v Appreciation: An Illustrated Style Guide

Each year we think we are over it, but each year we see something cringeworthy. In a post-Coachella, mid fashion week, pre-Halloween world of embarrassing mishaps, we have answered the call by putting on our 17 tween dream voice, and writing a fun style quiz complete with posi illustrations from mobaby, intended to provide guidance for people with carefree appropriating friends, or anyone who just wants to rep it right!

Top Crews Putting on for Oakland

Top Crews Putting on for Oakland.

This feature is for all the people out there who really want to know what’s going on in Oakland from the POV of those living in, contributing to, and loving this city.  Original photos and interviews depict these new crews, and what we’re continuously building together.


Lorde Inc.

This inspired modeling agency also came through with some beautiful insightful pieces, including an eerily serene spread Device Light, and #ALLWHITECAST, an oped on runways.


Designer Spotlight Instagram Takeover!

Because magazine issues aren’t enough these days, we even took over Interrupt Mag’s instagram to highlight some of our favorite independent designers who we wish could design our whole wardobe like Noamy Henriquez of NONO, Sheena Sood of abacaxiEsra Canoğulları, and Natalie Ebaugh of Tude Krew and Siranoush.


More than anything, we were stunned by all the support the issue has received, from collaborations, to crowd-funding, to shares, its awesome for us to be able to do our part in these conversations. Take part and  #interruptnyfw!