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We officially have a mixtape series launched by our good friend, J^qi Sp^rro! The levels on this mix are literally off the charts and showcase what we love about Sp^rro’s eclectic aesthetic— hard, edgy, subtle transitions, and interplay with refined minimal beats. We enter the trap, graduate to the VIP lounge, take a trip down memory lane and exit through the cloud rap. You are now trapt in the House of Sp^rro, and you ain’t even mad. 

Give the set some love and look out for big things from J^qi Sp^rro by way of an EP and collaborative art projects with us.

Make it hot at Nightfall-Nguzunguzu
Trap Shit V11-Z
2d-Kassem Mosse
Kingpinning-Mykki Blanco ( Brenmar)
Blue Milk-Big Chocolate
Everything-French Fries
Sex Sellz(TeethRemixVIP)-Zebra Katz
R U That Somebody-Aaliyah (Brenmar Windy City Mix)
Put it in The Trunk-Jean Nipon
Femme Litre_4-Kingdom
Hequon-Dark Sky
Green Lantern (MikeQ remix)-Distal
Any Other Service-Bambounou
Love You Down (eSenTRIK Remix)-INOJ
Bikini-NguzunguzuTouch (Supreme Cuts Mix)
Look at the Sky-Flosstradamus w/Deniro Farrar