BASED GOD BLESSING- Lil B visits the Bay

Wish you could see Lil B live? Sad we couldn’t ourselves, we got our homies on the scene to fill us in on his first SF show in years. Nastia writes:

Most people judge art based on a ratio of craft versus concept: How much you care about one over the other defines your overall taste in almost everything. When Lil B first caught the attention of the blogosphere a few years back with his unbelievably-prolific musical output, many were smitten with his ultra-positive ideology but hesitant to embrace him as a great rapper. But, as his career blossomed over the past few years, the world saw him challenge the masculine ethos of hip-hop with albums like “I’m Gay,” give a lecture at NYU, release an almost 900-song mixtape and even inspire a fashion collection. Lil B became more than a rapper but a cultural icon and veritable spiritual leader, providing a Christ-like message of unconditional love to his overwhelming online following.

Though from the Bay, Lil B rarely plays Bay Area shows, so it was a #rare occurrence to attend his concert at San Francisco’s Regency Ballroom on November 15. The all-ages show drew forth awkward teenagers and adults from all corners of the Internet — his entire Bay Area Twitter following manifested in a single room. Wearing a tight, lime green polo shirt and pink bermuda shorts, the rapper spouted pieces of sermons between songs (something Kanye West has been doing recently, though this has long been Lil B’s trademark), touching on subjects including human trafficking and animal rights. Apparently, though, the bulk of Lil B fans are white EDM bros. This fact would have normally annoyed me, but I was glad the rapper was exposing his socially conscious message to a receptive audience, regardless of who they were.

Check out some #based highlights from LIL B @ the Regency Ballroom SF 11/15/13 M. Friedman below:

++ Epic length performance from lil b, something like two hours straight. maybe ten months? hard to tell anymore.
++++ Killed it on the hits like ‘i own swag’ and ‘ellen degeneres’
+++ Spoke out against human trafficking
++ Made an appeal for cooperation between communities and law enforcement; “Why can’t you be gutta and still fuck with the Feds?”
+ Encouraged people to adopt from animal shelters in order to understand the mystery and beauty of life
++ Dorky teenagers repped bucket hats and pink bandanas with no remorse
+++ Equal opportunity respect for the bay area– shout outs to both mac dre and walnut creek
+++++ This one flamboyant cat in a black cardigan defied the shit out of the regency’s zealous security– hopped on stage trying to get some handstand twerks in and just generally ruling the show for 45 seconds
++++ Crowd went #2006 on the unofficial The Pack reunion – VANS was played
++ Difficulty telling where the fog machine stopped and the crowd’s 420 started

\\\\\NOT-SO-KEWL PARTS~ :-\ 
-sweaty suburban teenager boyz… o well, this is basedgod we’re talking about.


Nastia is online editor for Hi-Fructose magazine.
photos by heymoanalisa