This week we got the yung browntourage idol and alt rolemodel Safy-Hallan Farah AKA fatwasandfanboys writing her heart out for konversation, so you know she’ll have yours feeling some type of way.

Safy’s writing has been featured on Gawker, This Recording and Vice Magazine, among other places. She studies African American Studies, Comparative Race and Ethnicity and Women’s Studies at the University of Minnesota. Safy is currently working on her Senior Thesis and tutoring kids, so we are very grateful to have her take time out to hang with us.

In our exhibit, Womyn, Safy uses creative nonfiction to explore the experience of second-generation women of Somali background can reconceptualize Somaliladyniimo.

I’m constantly thinking about Somaliwomanhood, Somali culture and Somali representation. It’s my whole life!

My biggest piece of advice to girls like me: don’t be afraid to be different and think of your difference as an asset.

While she’s busy finishing her senior thesis and working 2 jobs like a true hustler, we also asked her to share her most recent study playlist additions to get her in the zone:

Haim – Don’t Save Me, Mike Will Made It ft. Miley – 23, Solange- Lovers in the Parking Lot, Janelle Monae – QUEEN

There it is. Read up, jam out, and look at some art — View the exhibit >>

P.S. Eid Mubarak!!