A year ago, the video dropped for my fav TT track, Money Monsta, and it heightens everything I love about the song: fun vibe yet serious content (aka the browntourage anthem?). She said, “Female rap is back and it couldn’t be cuter,” BUT THE STRUGGLE SHE DESCRIBES COULDN’T BE MORE RELEVANT TODAY.

This track follows the female entertainer’s struggle of using “her pussy [as] the product” without losing her consciousness to the money monsters. The video aptly references minstrel makeup and brings it to a modern day relevance spinning it with dance moves of hip-hop contortionism and twerking that take on a new meaning warning artists of getting contorted themselves. For example, you may have read our post about the Overkill Death of Twerking. With Miley Cyrus’ new harajuku-girls-esque crew of silent but spankable black female dancers literally objectified as Teddy Bears, TT’s video returns the gaze and I quote: “Ya they throwin’ dollars don’t mean you gotta clap for ’em.”