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For the second installment of our Born to Rage mixtape series we’ve hologrammed in the colorful space goddess Jeepneys to reroute eclectic brown sounds to your ears. After experiencing Jeepneys’ live performance, I had to get a taste of what musical flavors influenced her palette. Press play and let her walk you through a party where the rooms span timezones and love is the only rule.

Jeepneys herself will be dropping new material later this summer, so stay tuned for future collaborations to come!

Track List:

Lijadu Sisters “ORERE-ELEJIGBO” 
Quando Quango “Love Tempo” 
Bandolero “Paris Latino” 
Francis Bebey “Savannah Georgia” 
Harry Choo Choo Romero feat. Jessica Eve “What Happened” 
Erotic Dissidents “Move Your Ass and Feel The Beat” 
Alaska y Los Pegamoides “La línea se cortó” 
Phew “Closed” 
Owiny Sigoma Band “Magret Aloor”
Maria Minerva “Symbol of My Pleasure [Form of my Pain]”
Pakaraguian Sa Maguindanao “Binalig Kulintang A Kayo I”
Unknown (from Radio Phnom Penh compilation)
Samsimar “Bapikek Balam”
Alice Coltrane “Spiritual Eternal” 
Luzmila Carpio “Wiñay Llaqta”