Ivy League Letters

I DONT HAVE TWO MOMS AND IM NOT BROWN ENOUGH – On Ivy League rejection and hating on the hated on.

So this is big, bizarre news recently- Suzy Lee Weiss writes a letter to all the big shot schools that rejected her and submitted it to the Wall Street Journal. First of all, we don’t have to hash out WSJ demographics, nor the fact that her sister had an “in” at the company to get her lil sis published, do we??

I feel you, the education system in this country is flawed. We’ve been told to over-achieve for a system over-saturated and unable to accomodate for all of us. I applied to one Ivy League and was waitlisted, even though I was a star student, hella brown and hella poor. Weiss openly admits she writes this as a satire. As if the minority peoples whom she utilizes as the butt of her jokes have the time or mental energy to engage with the system on her level of privilege. In her smug little Today Show interview, she says it’s all a joke, but to millions of students, being the first to go to university in your family is not a joke. Having parents who work overtime at 2 jobs to put you through school is not a joke. The barely 2-digit percentages of minorities accepted into Ivy Leagues is not an inspirational number for posterity, and therefore not a joke. Instead of making jokes that gloss over the structural inequality and oppression which necessitate diversity programs, why don’t we put attention on who actually makes up the majority of these schools?  

The reality is these institutions are breeding grounds for family legacies and strategic connections. The lack of diversity is the very reason it needs to be emphasized. It benefits Ivy Leagues to play into the diversity card most certainly if it’s a guaranteed front pager, like you know- a former TALIBAN SPOKESPERSON (I’m talkin to you Yale). Weiss complaining about diversity just proves her #CFWG space of privilege and severe disconnect with the struggles of the very people she chooses to “satire.” 

Welcome to the new age of “star student,” where giving a letter of acceptance from one of the biggest international economic papers shows American teens how to scoff in the face of diversity, sit back, relax and just be charmingly unaware. LOLZ!!@!