Greetings from Turkey

I just arrived in Istanbul today- part one of snaking through the Middle East. Landing in a foggy Turkey lifted my spirits with anticipation of learning about a totally new culture and connecting with some deepness. For the ride through Sultanahmet, Dubai, Delhi/Jaipur/Rajistan and finally Kabul, I brought “The Sufis.” The takeaway from the book so far and the trip is finding my way being “in the world, but not of it.” It all sort of collided when I heard the call to prayer, always a super emotional initial shock, as I went up to the passport check kiosk and saw the officer pull out a ticket stub to Spring Breakers. Meep.

So this is my “Spring Break, Bitchessssssss!!” and you know I’m going to have some run-ins with guns, thugs of all genders, and janky hotels just the same same but different.

I’m trying to keep my sharing of the experience personal while out here, but keep an eye on @browntourage and a konversation piece for some choice moments.

Peace in the Middle East,