Zero Dark Thirty

This was posted on The Komina’s wall on facebook (via Al Jazeera). I have to say the only thing I know about this movie is that it was nominated for some awards and there was some sort of controversy over military programs and torture. After reading some of the tweets about the film, I can feel confirmation in fearing American ignorance.

The argument exists that a person reading the film from a prejudiced/racist standpoint does not implicate the film in conjuring those emotions, because it is something that exists in the person without having seen the film. But still, the conversation surrounding the film is provoking racist and prejudice sentiments that are violent in nature above all else.

If there’s any controversy about torture. It’s the torture I feel that “Americans” are comfortable to feel it’s okay to think about killing and hating Arabs and Muslims because a Hollywood film portrays it as ok. I’m all for media coverage of warfare and conflict, but it seems the sensational depiction does more harm to the American mindset than good. Or perhaps it’s good depending on your perspective; if you value the symbolic war against the Middle East and Islam in general, it’s a win. I can’t give too much of an opinion without having seen it, but now I’m intrigued.


This shouldn’t have to be our duty, but we are TWEETING BACK. Not to yell, but to educate. If you see people you know expressing generalizing assumptions call it out! Search the hashtags and the favorites, and hopefully we can Socratically get even one person to reconsider and then tell their friends.