M.I.A. politicizing partying & the color pink

On partying before and after:

“When I was going out to all the clubs, and when you’re like getting invited to all these places it didn’t really count for me because i was like, well it’s like, partying is partying and i make party music now but it’d be nice to enter a room and be counted as an equal and be a woman who didn’t have to compromise and sell yourself on your sexuality and things like that.”

On the color Pink 

“If you make your work more palatable by dressing it up in language that the youths do, everything becomes more easy to digest. I think we are so addicted and lead by the media, the fashion, the bling, and nobody ever wants to deal with anything serious so you have to figure out ways to bring in serious issues into the disposable popular culture. And you kind of have to play at their game using their tools and I think that’s what I was trying to do.”

These are struggles and goals we face in everything we do as a rising duo in entertainment.