The Internet


Mid-week. All-ages. This was a cute show.

The Internet’s music has been a go-to for me during times of stress or anxiety during my hustle and grind. It’s really nice to be able to actually listen to the lyrics of songs without feeling objectified as a female, and I appreciate Syd for voicing a real hustle and relatable experience regardless of gender or sexuality (and putting that over the chillest of production).

Obviously excited, I showed up early and buddied up with new homies Merlin and Azha. The crowd was mostly underagers from outside the city, so Azha and I were the tall-girls-tryna-function while Merlin videotaped.

The front packed like sardines when The Internet walked out. They humbly proceeded to pump all the jams and were backed by an amazing live band which leant the performance insane jam jazz vibes.

Highlights include:

-Syd taking a confiscated blunt from a security guard and save 3 shorties from getting kicked out with a smile and a shrug.

-Drunk dude constantly yelling at bassist, Patrick.

-Syd prefacing Cocaine with “say no tho”

-Crowd jumping and yelling to fill in LeftBrain’s verse

-Tay Walker live on They Say!

Give it Time getting real with Syd ad-libbing “yall dont even know” after the line “if I had my way, I might’ve given it up.”

Needless to say, we are so glad the Internet didn’t give it up, because their music is smooth to the soul and relatable to the heart. After the show, I stuck around in true loiter squad fashion. **Shout out to Matt Martian calling out my Ken Griffey Jr’s (orthopedic swag) and Syd declaring that the odd future tour girls officially go harder than the guys.