Lana, Please

First, I actually enjoy Lana Del Rey’s voice.
I have NOT enjoyed most of the messages or visuals that come along with it. Yesterday, I saw Grimes tweet that the video, “Ride” confirmed her love for Lana, so I gave it a shot. 

Beautiful cinematography and pretty vocals aside, I can’t take this video lightly. Romanticizing America’s past RIGHT around ‘Columbus’ Day WHILE sporting a headdress. Lana, did you notice what was happening around you? 

The worst part is that I have NOT been able to find any critical review of this ‘short film’, (meanwhile the internet is flooded with gifs, reviews, and comments about how beautiful her legs are). At most, articles mention controversy surrounding prostitution, but don’t question the utter patriotism. Life “on the open road” isn’t that pretty anyways- but I guess its more fun to keep the gas guzzling especially if you have babes on set.

So I captioned this photoset someone posted on tumblr and titled “Native Lana.” Hopefully people searching through Lana or Ride tags will see my version and start to think with a third eye.