Spoon-induced brain-vibrations at Nice Cream

Playing Jenga @ The Daily Pint

Forcefeeding Zombie so we don’t have to drink it.

Forcefeeding Persian food to Franki Chan

Pre-sand-in-mouth, aka when things were still cute


On our last night we savored every bite.

Stop #1: Nice Cream- As college friend Jesse Figueroa tells us rumors of drug fronts, Hawa discovers that tapping the spoon while biting on it leads to sweet brain vibrations.

Stop #2: The Daily Pint- Bar with a 6 page whiskey menu. Jenga results in licked eyeballs, jerked pool sticks, and a barstool getting rode like a pony. Franki Chan joins Hawa for intense conversations while Tonia and Jesse discover the joy of Shuffleboard-Beads. (Seriously, that stuff is not just sand!)

Stop #3: The Beach / Zombie Town- Monique and her extremely nice delivery boy friend bring over an undead bottle of Zombie from the BBQ. We made them finish that along with the rest of our persian food, then walked to Venice Beach. ALERT: THE BEACH IS SCARY AT NIGHT (only to Tonia). She mistook a buoy for a moving stroller and almost bailed. We followed Hawa’s silver moon jacket as our guide, got our feet wet, and discovered EAR-HOOKING (the art of leaning in so that youre ears are facing eachother then hooking lobes).

We had a perfect star-gazing scene until Tonia laid down and stretched her feet up and sand dropped all over everyone and in her mouth. On the way home police kept driving by so we got a good quad-workout from squatting. Rough life right?