Angel Haze EP Reservation

No, you can’t have enough posts on Angel Haze.

It’s really hard to find artists who can continuously come up with brilliant material. You’ve probably all heard her do justice to Gill Scott Heron with her “New York” single, and now her debut EP Reservation is out!

Our Favorite: Wicked Moon (because it’s so different)

This collection throws down the gauntlet. Unlike her previous mixtapes, the bulk of Reservation features original productions- a risk that shows shes ready to up her game as an artist. From remixed lullaby bells to piano progressions, these sounds give off a darker, more serious vibe with cut-throat raps to match.

Her delivery strikes the perfect role-model-status balance between sincere vulnerability and brash confidence. You will hear some extremely intimate information on this album, and still come away from it looking up to this 21 year old for her fortitude. There’s a reason why Raeen is one of my go-to’s in times of discomfort. On top of that, we all know she has some of THE strongest flow-bilities of anyone in the game right now. Timing, content, speed, ALL ON POINT!

For those wanting to learn more about what they’re listening to, the Consequence of Sound review is a must-read for behind-the-mic insight on the tracks and Angel Haze’s own struggles and triumphs.

Browntourage <3 always. Seriously can’t wait to be able to support her in person.