Le1f @ Rickshaw Stop 2012

Le1f playing at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco

I was hanging out with 5kinandbone5 the weekend of this show, thrifting, hanging out and talking about life and career aspirations. After our daytime margarita break on one of the only hot days in SF, we ran into Le1f and bud Jessie by chance in the Mission District. Dolores was the next stop, and we ended up dancing at my friend Primo’s Soft Opening party the next night. Although Le1f’s performance was riddled with sound issues, he brought a tremendous amount of sass to a pretty substantial crowd for a Sunday. Afterward we had some couch cuddles to ease his mind on the technical difficulties of the night. He’s a total sweetheart and his music is worth listening to very closely for some intricate storytelling – this is just a teaser for what we hope is an official browntourage interview.

Note- the jersey he’s wearing in these photos is from RHLS, designers I hung out with when I was in NYC who will be featured on another blog I write for bigbigbigthings.com