Browntourage in Brooklyn: Sophia Dawson

Browntourage in Brooklyn

I met artist Sophia Dawson at the Brooklyn Art Museum and was immediately struck by her style and sweet motherly nature. Turns out she’s an artist and has done work inspired by the Black Panthers, hits home for the bay! Interview below:

What do you do?
I am a visual artist, student (at NYU Visual Arts Administration Masters Program) Office Manager at Groundswell (a non profit arts organization in Brooklyn) and a mother.

What is your medium?
I work mainly in Acrylic paint but have begun to explore other mediums as well.  I also enjoy using india ink and mixed media.

Do you have any inspirations?
God is my primary inspiration.  I am also inspired by the works of other artists including Keith Haring, Basquiat, John Singer Sargent, Lucian Freud, Rembrandt among others.

What’s is your proudest moment as an artist
I am always proud of having opportunities to bring people of different walks of life and backgrounds together through my art.

Any difficulties in your artistic pursuits?
It is always difficult to balance creative time and administrative time which is something that is essential when you are an emerging artist and managing yourself.  I have to set time aside to answer emails, organize events, promote events, drop off artwork, pick up artwork, budget, create invoices, etc.  I prefer to spend my time painting.

Do you have any collaborations you’d like to be a part of?
I am interested in collaborating with individuals from different artistic fields including fashion, music, theatre etc.  I enjoy bringing different sectors of the arts together.