Hawa Featured in SFWeekly Party Photographers Bit

SF Weekly featured me as a local party photographer “highly opinionated about music.” I have opinions, but I wouldn’t classify them as high necessarily- I get down with low culture too.

But really, it’s such an honor to get some local recognition for recently dipping into the photo game out here. I inherited my passion from my father long ago and haven’t been able to revisit it until very recent generous gestures. It’s been awesome finding and exploring my attraction to storytelling in this way, meeting people who want to co-create visions and develop my own persona as a photographer. Also happy I get to rep Big Freedia as my pick for current dance obsession. Shoutout to SF Weekly for picking me to be a part of this article full of female photographers! Peep the article

Rarely does the photographer get photographed. The shot above was taken by Tonia after I worked a “rap festival” in SF with Das Racist headlining. Updates on that to come! Peep my photos